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All About Puppies

Whether you're just thinking about bringing a new puppy into your life or if you've already brought one into your home, there are literally dozens of things you'll need to know. I can help you make the best possible choices for yourself and for this new family member.

My All About Puppies course covers everything you'll need to be well-informed about puppy training and ready for raising a healthy, happy, socially-adept and well-behaved dog.

Book a series package or begin with a Consultation and then decide how you want to proceed. Call or email me and I'll help you put together a program that meets your needs and prepares you for those of your new puppy.

A few of the many topics we'll cover in my
All About Puppies series are:

Preparing for the new puppy's arrival: basic essentials like puppy-proofing your home and preparing the area(s) where your puppy will sleep, eat and play.

Shopping smart: which items do you really need for the pup's arrival and soon after.

Housetraining: including proper use of the crate, playpen, wee pads, and how and when to transition from wee pads to on-the-street elimination.

Teething: how to ease your puppy's discomfort when teething and thereby lessen the inevitable stages of puppy mouthing, nipping and destructive chewing.

Nutritional tips: Food & Treat recommendations.

Toxic substances - including foods, plants, materials that are or may be caustic to your new pup.

Early socialization tips: the do's and don'ts about exposing very young pups to a wide variety of people, especially children, men and strangers.

Sensitizing to... how to help your pup adjust to scary objects and loud noises.

Bite inhibition: how to teach your puppy not to nip/bite/mouth.

Jumping up: start your pup early on the road to good social habits like polite greetings, both in your home and out on the street.

When to begin: classes and other activities such as Basic Training classes, puppy socialization, and more.

Service recommendations, if needed: for quality caretakers,suppliers and other services, like veterinarians, walkers and sitters, daycare, grooming, etc.