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New Baby

With the arrival of a new baby, life as you know it will be changed for everyone in your household, including your dog or cat. Your attention will be occupied as it never was before, there will be new smells, new sounds, new routines and likely, new priorities. Your dog or cat may become confused, fearful, agitated, upset or simply interested - but in any case, he or she will need to understand and learn what the new rules are and what is expected.

Easing your pet into this transition before the baby arrives is a wise thing to do - it ensures less anxiety all around, avoiding troublesome reactions and offering everyone the opportunity to get used to the new organization in daily life. Dogs adjust more quickly to new situations when they are introduced to them gradually, so it's a good idea to ease your dog into this new arrangement and help minimize an already stressful situation.

A dog that understands the rules is much safer and happier. If your dog is not well trained, don't wait - get started as early as possible. If your dog is trained but doesn't always listen, consider a refresher series or consultation. Call or email me and together we can figure out what your household requires and put a workable plan in place.