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Advanced Dog Training

Advanced Training increases your dog's ability to respond to you regardless of distractions in any given environment or situation. The course begins with a review of your dog's Basic Training skills and concentrates on correcting any problem areas. Once these are handled, I teach you how to increase your dog's focus and response to you, using real-life situations along with the disruptions, interruptions, noise and interferences that everyday city living presents.

During our sessions, no matter the circumstances in the immediate environment, your dog will learn to listen and respond to your commands, becoming better at filtering out distractions.

With practice you will see her/him become more comfortable with street noise and activity, and less concerned about the approach of dogs and strangers.

Some of the lessons covered in Advanced Training include:

  • Recap of Basic Training - especially Down and Stay
  • Obedience Commands with added distractions
  • Go to...your room, crate or bed
  • What is your Dog Communicating?
    Learn to read your dog's body language and to better understand what he/she is saying


Outside Exercises:

  • Leave It
  • No jumping up on people
  • How to appropriately greet strangers on the street
  • Heel - walk when I walk, sit when I stop
  • Come when called, off leash
  • Focus: on you, and not lunging at skateboards, bicycles,
    runners, other dogs or anything that your dog may perceive
    as dangerous or frightening.