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I have had the pleasure of working with Sharon Mear for the past 7 years. She is an exceptional animal behaviorist and trainer as well as a compassionate and patient individual. Sharon has enabled me to better serve my clients by helping address behavioral problems and training concerns that I am not equipped to deal with at a veterinary hospital. Sharon can tackle a variety of issues ranging from basic obedience training to complex behavioral problems and she works with cats too. I not only recommend Sharon to all of my clients, but she has been an amazing help to me with some behavioral issues I have had over the years with my beloved dog Rudy.

Mary Xanthos, DVM
Reade Street Animal Hospital
Tribeca, NY


Sharon is one of those people whom animals immediately trust and respond to. I've known her for years and on more than one occasion she's helped me understand and resolve issues that my cats were having. I've seen her help unruly dogs, anxious, fearful pups and upset owners. She patiently coaches people with down-to-earth suggestions and methods that work, based in positive techniques. The animals always improve - and they love her. She's my most valued, go-to resource for animal issues.

Elizabeth Rodman
Upper West Side


Sharon helped get our relationship with our new puppy Rosie off to a great start! She came to our home and in no time showed us that with the right training (mostly training us, rather than the dog) it really is possible to "get through" to your dog and make your intentions understood. Rosie went on to become a registered hospital therapy dog after the completion of Sharon's training, and she passed the tests easily and has brought happiness into the lives of hundreds including ourselves.

Deni Bonet, Andrew Holmes-Higgin
West Village

Lucy & Miles

Sharon's training methods are so effective and she's a pleasure to work with. Not only have we succeeded in positively affecting our dogs' behaviors for the long term, but Lucy and Miles are well-mannered, happy little dogs! Thanks a million, Sharon!"

Sofia & David Sanborn
Upper West Side

Bruiser &
Unidentified Girlfriend

Sharon was recommended to us. Our once-too-stubborn Bulldog, Bruiser, quickly took to her methods and developed into one of the best-behaved Bulldogs in NYC! Thank you Sharon for giving Bruiser and us the tools that have allowed him to be the fabulous dog he is. His table manners are second to none!

Jair & Angela Cuce


Sharon has helped me greatly with clients' pets for several years. Now with Jake, my newly adopted Chihuahua-Terrier mix, Sharon's help has made me more able to recognize his needs - for exercise, a regular schedule, and just being patient... No shock collars or rough treatment, just good solid mutual respect.

Janet Ficarra, DVM Downtown Veterinary Clinic

Koko & Bianca

My chocolate Lab, Koko, used to bark at dogs and jump up on people. Sharon worked patiently with us and then again, 5 years later when I got Bianca, a yellow Lab. Koko is now controllable around dogs and people and both dogs are happy when they see her. They like spending time learning with her. Sharon treats your dog(s) as if they're her own.

XOXO Gary Kiss & Joe Festa

Betsy & Nuby

The key is in having a good trainer. Sharon is just that. She trained me so I could train my dogs. Betsy my Cockapoo, used to bark and chew on shoes and furniture. Sharon's sessions with me turned Betsy into a well-behaved, model dog. When we adopted Nuby, a 3-year-old Cocker-mix rescue, things weren't great at first, but with Sharon's help they quickly became friends, the sweetest and most loveable companions.

Jennifer Gao
Upper East Side


I never had a dog and thanks to Sharon, I learned how to be a good mother. Her patience, showing me how to talk to Tucker, learning how to handle a leash, teaching me how to train with simple obedience commands...made my entry into "motherhood" confident and knowledgeable, a true gift.

West Village


Sharon has been wonderful with Augie, our loving, 2-year-old Jack Russell rescue. She's taught us very concrete interventions and made training recommendations that made a difference right away. She sees the behavioral issues that need attention and teaches with a style that is motivating, precise, loving and fun.

Terry Simerly, Ph.D., Psychotherapist
Bob Bauer, Business Analyst


Sharon was recommended to us by someone we revere and trust in the rescue community. We worked with her when we first adopted Brandy, a Dutch Shepherd rescue with a bundle of energy and instincts to herd, guard and search. Sharon gave us tools we use to this day. We praise Sharon to all - just look at her credentials!

Gail & Marty Fox
"The House of Brandy" the stripy dog

Nina Simone

One night, many years ago, I happened upon Sharon while she was teaching a reluctant client how to remain calm with his large puppy. I immediately recognized a very good trainer - calmly focused and directed to the human's and dog's relationship. Now, with Nina Simone, my new, highly active and demanding, intelligent pup, I am especially grateful for Sharon's expertise. We're both in awe of her!



Natasha, our Silky Terrier puppy, wasn't focused, wouldn't obey our commands and wasn't well socialized. Sharon did an excellent job teaching my partner and I how to train Natasha - giving clear instructions, manageable homework and putting pointers we needed in writing. Everything improved quickly and dramatically! We highly recommend Sharon and wouldn't hesitate to return if further training ever becomes necessary.

Peter Morley & Jerry Caffarello


You taught us helpful skills, enabling us to work with Misty. It was great - and fun! She remains a happy and secure pup.

Luba & Jim


Sharon helped me figure out the confusing world of humans.

Golden Retriever; 5 years old.

"Sharon helped us work with Madeline so she wouldn't embarrass us as we tried to get her out of the dog park. In addition, she helped us focus our commands, introduced us to a new leash which has been a life-saver and went with us to the dog park and on walks - educating us as much as the dog."

Paul & Tom


I don't know what I would have done without Sharon. When I adopted Patch, almost seven years ago, he was a one-year-old who didn't even know how to play. She taught me how to train him and has become a real friend to both of us. She voluntarily takes him out for play dates and Patch is crazy in love with her, as anyone who sees them together can describe. Patch has since moved in with Sharon because at this stage of my life it is better for both of us that Patch gets what he needs, and Sharon's lifestyle is better equipped to handle this. I still take him out for one of his daily walks.

Matt Grottano
Photo credit by Deni Tillman

Ludwig & Franz

We contacted Sharon to help us with our two Scottish Fold kittens. We are first-time pet owners, and though we did a good deal of research before we brought them home, we still couldn't understand why one of our cats was acting so angrily, and had numerous questions about veterinarians, feeding, grooming, playing, and other kitten needs. We really wanted the best for our kittens. Sharon was wonderful with them, answered all of our questions, led us to sources for toys and feeding. She even sent us emails later with more helpful links. Sharon Mear is kind, professional and very knowledgeable. We recommend her highly!

Lisa & John
Upper West Side

Paul & Lula

Lula and I live on the same block as Sharon and have witnessed first hand her unbridled affection for the neighborhood pups. We watched her adopt a challenging dog with behavioral issues and, day by day, saw the positive changes that resulted from her patience and skill. My own dog can be aloof but when she sees Sharon outside her whole body wags. I think that's about as positive a review as you can get from a dog.

Paul & Lula

Ben, Carl-andre & Logan

After calling several places I went with Sharon as she was the only one that asked about my situation and the dogs needs first, before saying how they go about their training. I also preferred Sharon's approach to the training. Sharon was always on time, extremely knowledgeable, friendly and had command of our 4 month old English Bulldog straight away. The training is customized for you as well as your dog. Sharon followed up with emails that contained 'homework' and valuable information for you to learn more. I highly recommend having private lessons - money well spent and have recommended her to numerous people I've met looking for a trainer."

Ben,Carl-andre & Logan
Midtown West

Jon, Steevy & Frankie

Sharon came highly recommended by several colleagues, so we asked her to help us with our puppy, Frankie. She was able to quickly teach Frankie during our sessions and her training methods gave us a very good foundation to work with on our own. We also appreciated her flexibility and responsiveness. Plus, Frankie loves her!

Jon, Steevy & Frankie

Mia and Bonnie

When I first met Sharon, I had recently adopted my rescue pup Bonnie - an energetic and anxious Chihuahua cross - and was feeling overwhelmed by the amount I felt I had to absorb quickly as a new dog owner - much of it conflicting and contradictory. From the very first consultation, Sharon immediately put me at ease and I felt safely guided by her. She very patiently listened as I expressed my many anxieties and she asked lots of very insightful questions. She has always readily shared her extensive knowledge with me - a goldmine of resources that have remained incredibly useful over the years. Sharon has an innate gift of understanding how a dog communicates and what drives their behaviour; she instinctively knew the best way to get Bonnie's attention and sustain it to teach her new skills. Sharon only uses positive reinforcement techniques. This was hugely important to me as I do not agree with using any aversive methods. Sharon is living proof that positive reinforcement is the most effective way to teach. We moved to another part of the city a few months later and I needed help with Bonnie's reaction to bicycles and joggers. Using only positive training methods, Sharon helped Bonnie to associate them with good things and this helped her to remain calm on her walks. I whole heartedly recommend Sharon if you are looking for a trainer.

Kacey C.

Sharon was extremely professional. Showed up on time and came prepared with literature for me on dog behavior and treats for my pup. My dog Kacey loved her and in just three sessions we learned so much. I am a first time dog owner and Sharon made everything seem so simple and easy. She was super attentive to my concerns and my dog's needs. I thoroughly enjoyed the training sessions. I would highly recommend using Sharon for dog training!!!!

Dimitri, Jen & Henley

We are incredibly thankful to have found Sharon. Her approach to training is precisely what we needed for our 9 year old field spaniel, who was developing a bit of anxiety. Sharon is incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated to her craft but also calm, kind and caring. She effectively communicates her training tactics, which is so important for pet parents because training is as much for the animal as it is for the guardians. We booked a 6 session package and found the consistency of seeing Sharon each week helped us and our pup tremendously! Each week Sharon would leave us with specific training tools to practice. We saw huge improvements in the short time we worked with Sharon and will book refresher sessions in the future to keep up our progress! THANK YOU SHARON!!!